By Carl Hagemann, General Manager, ADIPS

From August, amusement parks and fairgrounds will be able to demonstrate to customers that their rides are inspected and certified as safe to use by signing up to ADIPS’ new Your Ride Checker© sticker scheme. 

The Your Ride Checker© stickers are designed to be posted in public view, on amusement devices or at park entrances or information hubs, and carry QR codes that enable the customer to scan and check that the park has the necessary ADIPS DOC. It’s a simple and effective way to give members of the public access to information on ride safety – and for inspection bodies, it will make your life that little bit easier.

Firstly, how does it work for the controller, your customer?

• To get their stickers, they will need to go online to the special application page on the ADIPS website – – and complete an application form. Instructions will be given. This goes live from 01 August.

• Once completed, they will get a unique Controller ID number. This number is important as it is theirs for life.

• To complete their application, they will need information to hand before they apply. The simple information needed is the legal owner’s full name, address and contact details and, of course, all of the Device ID numbers of the devices on their park. 

  • We aim to get the stickers posted out within one month of an application.

What does it mean for the Inspection Body?

The benefit, of course, is that every controller over next coming year will have a membership number. That membership number is all you then need as an Inspection Body to type in to Polestar to produce the DOC. If your customer is a signed-up member of our new Your Ride Checker© scheme, their details will be auto-populated when you type that number, saving you precious time.

This is why we are asking all ADIPS IBs to help promote the scheme to their customers. It not only promotes safety standards – it also makes your job a little easier.

Your Ride Checker

So, why is ADIPS launching Your Ride Checker©?

We know that with the necessary safety checks and regular maintenance, the chances of a safety breach with an amusement device are slim. Some years ago, it was quoted that the probability of someone being injured on a theme park ride was one in 24 million. However, the amusements industry is not complacent, in my view, and I know from speaking to managers that safety standards remains a core focus of strategy and operations for parks and fairgrounds in the UK.

The ADIPS Your Ride Checker© scheme will help controllers provide their customers with that added confidence and assurance. It will help them communicate an important message, that their rides are regularly inspected and passed as safe to use.

If you need any more information, please email