Welcome to ADIPS

We’re here to ensure that each and every fairground and
amusement park ride or device is certified as safe for use.


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Welcome to ADIPS (Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme)

We’re here to ensure that each and every fairground and amusement park ride or device is certified as safe for use.  

Fairgrounds and amusement parks are relatively safe when compared with other leisure activities and, in fact, represent some of the safest leisure activities of all.  Each year inspections are carried out by an independent ride inspection body, whose capability to perform competent and independent inspection is assessed and monitored on an ongoing basis under the ADIPS scheme.

The primary mission of ADIPS is to guarantee that amusement devices, ranging from carnival rides to theme park attractions, comply with the highest safety standards. Through a meticulous inspection process, ADIPS helps identify and rectify any potential issues, ensuring that these recreational experiences are not only enjoyable but, more importantly, safe for everyone. By undertaking this important work, ADIPS contributes significantly to the overall well-being and enjoyment of individuals who seek amusement and entertainment. The organization’s commitment to rigorous inspections promotes a secure environment, instilling confidence in both operators and the public, and ultimately fostering a culture of safety within the amusement industry, also read about Rank Interactive moves Grosvenor online business onto new proprietary platform.

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If you are a registered Inspection Body or a member of the ADSC you can register to become an ADIPS member. As a member you will gain access to our ADIPS members area which contains a number of industry-specific publications and other resources.

Publications: HSG175

Health & Safety Executive publication: HSG 175: Fairgrounds and amusement parks – Guidance on safe practice. This publication provides guidance for all those involved in the organisation, operation and management of fairgrounds and theme parks.

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