Request for Tender for audits of inspection bodies

ADIPS today (Wednesday, 11th October 2023) issues a request for tender (RFT) for the compliance/audit assessments of inspection bodies.

One of the functions of ADIPS is to assess and register inspection bodies (IBs) to carry out inspections of amusement devices and subsequently to ensure that the standards and requirements defined in the ADIPS scheme document are maintained.

ADIPS engages with external consultants with the relevant specialist knowledge to assess the suitability and adequacy of the quality management systems (QMS) and the competence of the IBs to perform the inspections for which registrations is sought.

Below you will find the full specifications for ADIPS compliance/audit assessments as detailed in the General Principles. ADIPS is inviting consultancy firms or individual consultants with the relevant specialist knowledge to carefully consider the General Principles and tender for a contract to manage and deliver compliance/audit assessments of IBs. If you believe you have the relevant specialist knowledge to submit a tender, please email ADIPS General Manager Carl Hagemann to request the full RFT document, which will include details of evaluation and a simple form for submission.

Note that ADIPS will treat all submissions as confidential for the duration of the procurement process. Similarly, all submissions will be kept confidential after the award of the contract.

Email for the RFT document.

The closing date for tender is Friday, 17th November 2023.

General principles for compliance audit