ADIPS is the fairground and amusement park industry’s own adopted standard for inspection and certification of fairground rides and amusement devices

Created by the major industry trade associations – in close consultation with the HSE – to improve safety standards and increase public confidence.

Imagine there was no standard for the inspection of fairground rides?

Organisations working to different standards, performing different inspections and tests with no oversight of the work and control of the certification issued. What confidence would you have in the Scheme, would you know that rides were being operated and maintained properly, or even safe?

This was a situation that faced the fairground and amusement park industry and led to the formation of ADIPS.

Health and safety law require all fairground rides and amusement devices to be regularly inspected by a competent person – but with little guidance about what this should entail.

To provide clarity, the industry’s major trade associations worked together – in consultation with the Health and Safety Executive – to develop clear procedures on the inspections amusement devices should be subject to before they are first used and during their operating life.

The result is the Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS) the national scheme for inspection and certification of fairground rides and amusement devices.

ADIPS inspection is carried out by registered inspection bodies (IB’s) whose capability to perform competent and independent inspection is assessed and monitored on an ongoing basis.

ADIPS certification is known as a Declaration of Operational Compliance (DOC). Look out for this; it’s your guarantee that a device has been certified as safe to operate by an independent and competent IB.

ADIPS is managed and administered by the Amusement Device Safety Council (ADSC) which is made up of representatives from all major industry trade associations. It is operated by ADIPS Ltd.; a not-for-profit company. Any trading surplus generated by ADIPS Ltd. is reinvested into ADIPS to improve its services, or the industry to improve health and safety standards.


ADIPS and the current safety regime have evolved since the early 1970’s.

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