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Companies and individuals who have relevant qualifications and engineering experience, and wish to carry out inspection of amusement devices, should consider ADIPS registration.

ADIPS registration provides a robust, proven and workable framework for providing inspection services and proves to your customers you are independent, competent and can provide a service that will able them to operate their devices safely.

To be able to offer ADIPS Inspection services you will need to have or develop a management system and associated business processes. This is important and part of providing customers with peace of mind.

You will need to provide detailed information about your organisation and the personnel who will be carrying out inspection work. This information will be assessed by a Registration Panel and a decision on registration will be given.

You should read the ADIPS Scheme Document as this gives information on the various routes to registration and the inspection work you can apply for, and the standards which inspection bodies and its inspectors are held to.

Help is at hand. ADIPS provides support to new inspection bodies during application and initial registration to ensure effective monitoring and control of inspection work and development of management systems.

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