Safety and Health Awareness Days (SHAD)

Safety and Health Awareness Days (SHADs) are events which include presentations and demonstrations covering the everyday hazards faced by controllers, operators and attendants working in the fairground and amusement park industry.

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They provide an excellent opportunity for those working in the industry to get practical advice.

Attendance is voluntary and free of charge.
ADIPS has run a number of SHADs which have been attended by hundreds of people working in the industry. If you work on a fairground and amusement park then SHADs are designed for you.

Typical topics covered at a SHAD include electrical safety, hydraulic safety, operation of inflatable play equipment, daily checks and maintenance and much more.

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Watch the Short Film

If wondering whether it would be worth your while attending a SHAD, why not take a look at our short film to get a flavour of the events and the thoughts of those organising, presenting and attending the events.

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