The Amusement Device Safety Council (ADSC) has approved a Scheme which allows Ride controllers who arrange a second inspection in 2015 to qualify for a grant towards inspection costs.

The programme will allow Inspection Bodies to apply a subsidy of either £125 or £75 depending on the ride type and claim this back from ADIPS.

This is in addition to the ADIPS Registration Fee/DOC Levy which ADIPS will waiver as it has done since 2011.

Controllers should contact their Inspection Body to make arrangements and to ensure that they will apply the subsidy to the costs of the inspection.  To qualify Ride Controllers must be rescheduling inspections which would normally take place in March – July to later in the year i.e. September – December.

This is to support those controllers who make arrangements to move their inspections to quieter periods of the year.

It is estimated that over 75% of all inspections take place during March – July each year.  The aim of the Programme is to improve the overall performance and capacity of the inspection resource available to Ride Controllers.

Around 400 Ride controllers have benefited from  ADIPS reinspection incentives over the last few years.  Ride controllers who arrange a further inspection can expect inspection planning arrangements to be easier in subsequent years.

View the ADIPS Reinspection Fund Programme – Terms and conditions