The Amusement Device Safety Council (ADSC) which manages and oversees ADIPS and promotes safe practice on fairgrounds held its most recent meeting at Drayton Manor Theme Park on 01 December 2016. The meeting discussed a number of items and agreed to implement a number of changes to the operation of ADIPS.

Members discussed the priorities for 2017 which included training and guidance for operators through the Safety and Health Awareness Days (SHAD) programme and producing guidance on operation and inspection, such as the testing of control systems.

Among the issues discussed was the digitisation of inspection which had been piloted since June 2016. The system which allows inspectors to use mobile devices to capture inspection data and generate reports was considered to attract major benefits for ADIPS and the wider industry and the ADSC agreed to roll this system out during 2017.

The ADSC also discussed the work of the sub-committee tasked with generating ideas to ensure the availability of competent inspection Body resources to the industry. The sub-committee’s recommendation to allow Inspection Bodies to register inspectors without assessment by ADIPS was agreed, as this follows best practice in other sectors where the inspection body is responsible for ensuring the competence of inspectors. This idea should allow a route for small inspection bodies to grow and increase the number of inspectors working on fairgrounds. Members noted the sub-committee was continuing its work by looking at classifications of rides, perhaps into four or five categories, which would help introduce more inspectors as the requirements would be reduced for inspection work on low-risk or less complex rides.